May 30

Written by: Sundeep Misra
Friday, May 30, 2008 

The organizing committee of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (BOCOG) and the International Hockey Federation (FIH) released the match schedule for the hockey tournament of the 2008 Olympic Games.
The first day of competition will be Sunday 10 August 2008 when the 12 women’s participating teams will enter the pitch in Beijing , China. Japan and New Zealand have the honor to open the Olympic Hockey Tournament.
The 12 teams participating in the men’s tournament will start their campaign for the Gold Medal on Monday 11 August 2008. The first men’s match will be the encounter between Germany and China .
The preliminary round will come to a conclusion on Monday 18 August (women) and Tuesday 19 August (men).
The women’s semifinals are scheduled on Wednesday 20 August, while the men’s semifinals will be played on Thursday 21 August.
The finals will take place on Friday 22 August (women) and Saturday 23 August (men).
The pools for the 2008 Olympic Hockey Tournament are as follows:
Men's Olympic Hockey Tournament:
Pool A: Germany , Spain , Korea , New Zealand , Belgium , China .
Pool B: Australia , Netherlands , Pakistan , Great Britain , South Africa, Canada .
Women’s Olympic Hockey Tournament
Pool A: Netherlands , Australia , China , Spain , Korea , South Africa .
Pool B: Argentina , Germany , Japan , New Zealand , Great Britain , USA .

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8 comment(s) so far...

Re: Olympic Hockey Schedule

Very odd, why isn't India in the schedule?

By Kuldeep Singh on   Saturday, June 14, 2008

Olympic Hockey Schedule

Now that India is not in the Olympics, any publicity for hockey will also naturally diminish. Cricket is always covered, European football too, F1 racing, tennis, NBA basketball -- all the sports with big sponsors and powerful PR machines -- keep hogging media space.

Isn't it high time that something or the other keeps coming in the papers every single day on hockey? If there is no publicity, hockey will be obliterated from public memory.

All hockey lovers want to know what the players are doing now, what camps are going on, what the tournament schedule is like, what Ric Charlesworth is doing, whatever happened to Jyotikumaran, Gill, and so on.

Are new synthetic surfaces being laid, what is the government's action plan, are new sponsors entering the many unanswered questions.

The ICC does a lot for cricket. I think the blame for little or no publicity should also be shared by the FIH. Why aren;t there more tournaments? There can be a World Cup in rink hockey and indoor hockey which can see good representation from Asia now that the region has at least 5 'good' sides. Cricket keeps reinventing itself. Likewise, hockey should too. Look at T20. Similarly, rink hockey can be a huge draw.

Let there be more imagination in hockey leadership. Times are changing, and very fast too. Not just Indian hockey, but world hockey needs to change too in keeping with the times.

Rajendar Menen

By rajendar menen on   Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Re: Olympic Hockey Schedule

It is very dissapointing that India could not qualify for Olympics this time.

By Kunal on   Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Re: Olympic Hockey Schedule

Dear Kuldeep, perhaps you are in a deep slumber since 1964 Tokyo Olympics---You are sure to make Rip Van Winkle fade in oblivion.

By Rakesh on   Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Re: Olympic Hockey Schedule

Good grouping of mens, let us pray for the defeat of Pakistan
Women's grouping is not good, Pool A is super tight

Canada, Belgium and New zeland are playing in mens section, how they qualify? on the other side India crashed to England in the qualification round , UK is a strong team how they grouped India an dUK in same group in the qualification round? The new grouping of system of the qualification round is the reason for India out of Olympics.
Good luck Idia next time

By from Sharjah on   Saturday, July 12, 2008

Re: Olympic Hockey Schedule

Right on Rakesh! I just wanted to get the ball rolling - so to speak. And no pun intended. See, we got a great write up from Rajendar Menen. We need to have a larger forum to get the hockey machinery up and moving again. I believe all is not lost. we've got to win the Asia Cup and do well at the WC. We can do it, against all odds.

By Kuldeep Singh on   Saturday, July 12, 2008


I think the FIH should do an ICC!

Look at the way cricket is being promoted. The ICC knows that Asia holds the key. Asia draws the crowds and the money and they are milking it. Now they are even changing the 50-over game to make it more appealing.

The hockey audience is also here. FIH should milk it too. Nothing wrong with it. Sport is big business all over the world. Ask Man U and Chelsea!!

FIH needs to change its strategy and get into serious marketing mode. We see more of motor sport, soccer and basketball in the media, disciplines where we will never be anywhere in 1000 years, and so little of hockey. I repeat: it is all about PR!!

In my opinion we are still right up there in hockey. Just a few screws need to be tightened, and fast. Every sportsperson needs money and fame; not only cricketers.

Let hockey rope in big sponsors. Once we start winning (we are close) the money will keep flowing.

I also feel that this site needs to be frequently updated and made as modern as modern hockey!!

Jai Hind.

By rajendar menen on   Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is Ric RIP as far as Indian hockey is concerned??

Hockey lovers have many questions:

* Who is telecasting the Junior Asia Cup?
* What is the latest on Gill and Jyothi? If Jyothi is corrupt isn't there any action being taken against him? Does it mean that one can get away with anything in this country??
* Has Ric Charlesworth resigned? Why, when?? Is it final??

We all know where Yuvraj Singh had dinner last night.

Aren't answers to these questions more important?

Jai Hind

Rajendar Menen

By rajendar menen on   Saturday, July 12, 2008

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