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New Post 5/14/2013 6:46 PM
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Participate – Earn Points & Win Prizes Everyday at 2Vin 

Participate – Earn Points & Win Prizes Everyday at 2Vin

Everyone Loves FREE Gifts, Freebies Here is Exclusive Portal for you, is a place to win free prizes everyday. Earn points by answering simple questions,participating quizzes,referring Friends.Exchange your points for cool gifts. ‘ ‘ runs various contests,coupons,biddings. Your time spent on no where goes in vain as you will enjoy each moment by participating in the contests,biddings as well as Get Chance to win the prizes based on Daily Sweepstake with reference to earned points.


About 2Vin:

We are young start up launched in 2012, based on AndhraPradesh, India. goal is to provide opportunity for the users to win exciting prizes from our site. We provide unique platform for the advertisers to market their products/services. Services are completely free.

How do I Earn Points ?

  • Earn 10 points on SignUp.
  • Earn 10 points by participating in each contest.
  • Earn 20 points by clicking on Facebook like button.
  • Earn 20 points by clicking on Tweet Button.
  • Earn 20 points for Referring your friend.

Contest:   A product is shown and  few questions are asked about the product which grabs user’s attention towards the product.So far concerned many products such as cellphone,pendrives,dairies,T-shirts like wise different products are run as contests.

Coupon: This is great benefit to ‘2vin users’ because their savings increase using coupons given on different categories.
Bidding: Bidding is the most interesting opportunity provided to our users where businesses sponsor their product to bid . Bidding on an item is done by spending earned points, the last bidder will get the prize.

Exchange points for cool gifts: Users can exchange points for the  cool gifts.Points are earned by participating in contests as well as through referring friends on social networking sites twitter,facebook  and gmail.

How to Win Prizes Everyday:

Well It’s Quit Simple Just Follow below Couple of Steps & Get Started to Fill up your Pocket With FREE Goodies ..

  • Click Here to Visit 2Vin
  • Just Register yourself & Start Participating in Different Contest
  • Earn Points for Each Participation & Redeem Your Points for FREE Gifts

So What are you waiting for Get Register & Start Winning !


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  Indian Hockey  General Hockey  Know the Game  Participate – Earn Points & Win Prizes Everyday at 2Vin




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