"There is lot of time to go for the World Cup and we are showing improvement. If we keep the pace we have a fair chance to win the World Cup. We are moving forward step by step" - Indian coach, Harendra Singh
Feb 21

Written by: Sundeep Misra
Saturday, February 21, 2009 

India 1 – New Zealand 1

Half time 1 – 0 NZ

Scorers : NZ- Phil Burrows. India – Shivendra Singh

New Zealand and India drew the first match of the Men’s four test series, in Wellington on Saturday.

In a match dominated by both the teams in either half, it was a fair result. India would be pleased with a draw after their two consecutive defeats at the hands of the Australian development squad.

India were caught on the wrong foot within three minutes of the start when Phil Burrows scored from the right. Simon Child had gone past an Indian defender to set up Burrows for a shot at goal. Phil Burrows, skipper of the New Zealand side, was playing his 212th match for the Black Sticks.

It was in the second half that India got its act together. Plugging in the gaps that existed in the midfield, they made a few striking moves. Until then India had employed a hard hit into the circle as their main means of attack. India’s switch to the short-pass build-up, their main means of building up attacks caught the Kiwis unawares. Shivendra Singh used the opportunity to score from close range.

A New Zealand goal was disallowed as the umpire pointed to a Kiwi foot for the deflection to enter the Indian goal.

New Zealand was awarded three penalty corners, India just one.
India play the second Test on Sunday in Wellington.



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Re: Hard fought draw for India

Hi I saw this match and Indian played realy well. Vikram was awsome and Sandeep fought hard. I hope India wins tommorow.

By Varun Srivastava on   Saturday, February 28, 2009

Re: Hard fought draw for India

India needs to understand that its strength lies in Short Pass build up. Tactically I dont see much changes being brought by Harendra Singh.Some of the things:

1) Resorting to Long Scoops to clear the ball.(in turn handing over the ball to the opponent)
2) Taking mindless crack (Dilip Tirkey- the culprit) from our own half Hoping to find an Indian Stick. 80 % of the balls cross the baseline without being trapped.
3) Building up and crossing only from the right flank, when we have an excellent Left out
in the form of Tushar Khandekar.
These things need to change.

By Srikanth on   Saturday, February 28, 2009

Re: Hard fought draw for India

My dear boys don't forget your usual way of playing real hockey. We can follow the tactics of west but we should not forget our short and individual ball passing. Don't keep ball always. Try to create chances. Use sandeep whereever possible. Try to clinch the series. Forget the defeats with Aussies. Hope we win the remaining matches.


By vijay on   Saturday, February 28, 2009

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