"There is lot of time to go for the World Cup and we are showing improvement. If we keep the pace we have a fair chance to win the World Cup. We are moving forward step by step" - Indian coach, Harendra Singh
May 2

Written by: Sundeep Misra
Saturday, May 02, 2009 

Finally, the turtles at the Sports Ministry decided to move things a little faster. Spanish hockey coach Jose Brasa's phone rang telling him that he had been appointed the Indian hockey coach from this month's Asia Cup in Malaysia. Brasa has been appointed till the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou.

Brasa will reach here on Sunday and will sign the contract before leaving with the team for May 9-16 Asia Cup in Kuantan, Malaysia, a top sports official said here Friday. 

Brasa will be given a contract till the 2010 Asian Games, which can be extended after quarterly assessment.

Brasa, who will be accompanied by physical trainer from Spain David Terez, will get a remuneration of Euros 84,000 ($111,415) annually. Terez will take home Euros 60,000 ($79,600).

Brasa is a senior International Hockey Federation (FIH) master coach and led the Spanish women's team to the gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

The Indian hockey team was without a coach for almost a year now after Joaquim Carvalho resigned in March last year after eight-time champions India failed to qualify for the Olympics for the first time in 80 years.

Australian Ric Charlesworth took over as the technical adviser of the team for a brief period before he left the job after a fall-out with sports ministry and hockey officials.

Harendra Singh is currently the coach in-charge of the team.
Under him, India reached the final of Punjab Gold Cup and won the Azlan Shah in Malyasia last month after a lapse of 13 years. If India win the Asia Cup under Brasa, it would be a hat-trick of victories after wins in 2003 and 2007. Those victories had come under Rajinder Singh senior and Joquim Carvalho respectively.


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Re: Brasa named saviour

We will have to see how it goes especially in the area of team selection - who will select the team? Foreign coaches are good for improving technical inputs but it is difficult to deal with politics, ego and groupism that plague indian hockey. Add to that this adhoc committee who appointed Brasa, now there may be elections in IHF and ROY may become president of IHF or even Gill could stage a comeback. Will the new IHF continue with this experiment. I just hope players continue playing well and Harendra Singh continue as assisstant coach under Brasa. Indian Hockey will never improve until we play matches against Holland, Germany and Australia. They are the ones who regularly thrash us in the Olympics or the World Cup. We are repeatedly playing against New Zealand, Pakistan, Malaysia and it will not improve our hockey. Host more tournaments like Punjab Gold Cup or send our youngsters on Europe trips; that's the only way out. Munna, USA

By munna on   Sunday, May 03, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

With folded hands I request not to throw Brasa away even if we lose our first 2-3 tournaments. Let him make his own team, let him understand the skills of each player and then let those players give results. Good luck to everyone.

By Bhavdeep on   Sunday, May 03, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

At least a move in some direction. But, I feel, a coach is only as good as the infrastructure provided to him. For example, we need at least 50 more synthetic surfaces; hockey needs money. We need a lot more media coverage --- How could the Azlan Shah coverage been skipped?? Who is responsible?? Look at the coverage of Indian cricket --- we even know about Azharuddin's wrist watches and Dhoni's bikes!!Why isn't there any media coverage? What is the international body doing?Also, this site must add much more. For a lot of people like me an Indian hockey website is an information source. Most of India can't even name 5 members of the Indian hockey team. They need to be educated.But, back to Brasa, what can a new coach do? Indian hockey needs a grass roots revolution -- what happend to its premier league?? It needs money, ideas, dynamism... what can Brasa or anyone do if all this is not there?? We need hockey academies, coaches at various levels, equipment, new surfaces etc etc..just like cricket. At one level, I pity Brasa. He is in the hot seat without an eject button. It is like opening the premier institute of education to the 'abandoned' sections of Indian society without providing them primary education.Jai Hind

By Rajendar Menen on   Sunday, May 03, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

Appointment of Brasa and Spanish physical trainer will definately help our team.

By raj on   Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

We need a top class foreign coach and it's Brasa. He needs a free hand and hope the selection committee don't start playing politics with him. We have talented players but not a single coach who can analyse other teams. Hopefully our talent combined with his tactical skills wil bring us results. As for our recent victories, it was against WEAK teams. Nothing to crow about but it feels good. We play against weak teams, struggle to beat them, feel great and then get walloped by the likes of the Australian DEVELOPMENTAL team.l
It is good to be optimistic and hopeful but we should not forget reality. As long as we have the likes of Gill, Jyothi and his " yes men " - who incidentally are in the adhoc committee - hockey is doomed.
I hope our hockey correspondents back Brasa to the hilt.

By Nikhilesh Roy on   Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

Don't want to miss the Asia Cup. Could you tell readers the timings and which channel to watch? I hope the tournament is being telecast!!!!

Plus I agree with an earlier comment: we need to play Australia, Germany, Spain and Holland more often. Plus why not an annual Asia versus Europe series. Will be terrific; a best of three series. FIH needs imagination. A lot can be done.

Jai Hind

By Rajendar Menen on   Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

I think Harender Singh was doing excellent job at the moment. I hope he is accommodated in the coaching panel on respectable position. He is working with players for several months and his assessment of each player will be vital for Asia cup.

Best Wishes Hockey Team, Harender and Brasa

By Varun on   Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

First of all a coach is like a teacher who taught the students or players how to play better hockey.. our home coach Harendra Singh is doing his job well.. India was runner-up in the Punjab Gold Cup and a fine winner at the Azlan Shah hockey cup turnament..Mr Brasa should do his job well and we will win other tournaments regularly... i think he is a good coach and I hope we will win the Asia Cup too.....

By ANIL KUMAR on   Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: Brasa named saviour

The tournament starts today and I still don't know which channel is telecasting it, if at all, and what the timings are??? The papers are full of IPL. Even the Times in Bombay doesn't mention it. Please help pal..you are the only Indian Hockey site.

I am sorry, but the publicity campaign is zero. The authorities are still doing nothing. Wake up FIH, wake up Gill!!

Jai Hind

By Rajendar Menen on   Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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