"We are willing to release players for camps and international competitions. After this, I don't think HI will object to players becoming part of World Series Hockey. Then it amounts to restraint on trade, which won't stand the test from a legal standpoint": Harish Thawani, Executive Chairman, Nimbus
Dec 12

Written by: Sundeep Misra
Sunday, December 12, 2010 

Former Indian Hockey Federation boss KPS Gill is alive and kicking. Off the radar for a few months, Gill was back at his roaring best on Saturday when he again said that Indian hockey doesn't require any foreign coach input. At least both the Gill's are apparently on the same page. Sports minister MS Gill had said when Ric Charlesworth walked off in a huff - Indian hockey has a lot of Olympians. We don't require foreigners.

KPS Gill was also at his best on Saturday - "Foreign coaches do not suit us. It was a wrong decision. Instead of concentrating on performance they unnecessarily get involved in administrative matters and always keep complaining."

It's also interesting to note that Gill wants homegrown talent. And one of the names he threw into the ring was MK Kaushik, now in the woods after a member of the women's team accused him of sexual harassment. Kaushik was also one of the coaches that Gill sacked after he coached the 1998 men's hockey team to the Asian Games gold.

Gill said,"India has no dearth of talented coaches. Cedric Dsouza, MK Kaushik, Joachim Carvalho and Bhaskaran Vasudevan are some of the examples. We must have an Indian coach now and give him at least four years," said the former Punjab supercop. KPS Gill also said that the new coach should be given four years to train a team for the Olympics. Something that Gill himself never did when he was the president of the Indian Hockey Federation.

"New coach should be given the contract for four years ideally from Olympic to Olympic to develop a team," he added. Gill also welcomed the decision of overhauling team management but said that some changes are required in the team as well.

"There are 5-6 players in the team who do not deserve a place any more. They are non-performers and should not have been a part of the team during Asian Games. I know them very well and I also know what they are capable of," said the former hockey chief.


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