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Aug 19

Written by: Sundeep Misra
Friday, August 19, 2011 

In a surprising attack on former Indian captain Pargat Singh, former Indian coach and full back Harendra Singh accused the Chairman of the Technical Committee, Hockey India of having ruined Indian hockey. “If we look at the past records, Pargat has done nothing for the sport,” said Harendra while speaking to Amitesh Srivastava of nnis sports.

Harendra was at an event in the town of Alwar when he decided to launch an attack on the former Indian captain saying he has completely ignored the contribution of Dhanraj Pillay and didn’t use his services for the sport even though he had the power to do so. “Today, Pargat is talking about discipline in the camp but ask him, didn’t he himself leave the national camp when he was a player in 1990 and forced the federation to give him the captainship,” accused Harendra.

A member of the 1990 silver medal winning Asian Games team, Harendra then accused Pargat of match-fixing. “He is the only captain who had allegations of match fixing in hockey,” said Harendra. “He was the man who went to the ground and asked the players not score the goal and today he is talking about the welfare of hockey, it’s very sad.” Harendra was referring to the India-Malaysia match that ended goalless in the Olympic Qualifying tournament in 1995. If India had beaten Malaysia, then Canada would have qualified to play the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The goalless draw gave Malaysia a berth at Atlanta. Canada, later accused India of fixing the match to enable Malaysia play the Olympics. Pargat Singh was the captain of the team while Cedric D’Souza was the coach.

Harendra also describes Pargat as power hungry and trying to grab the majority of positions. “He (Pargat) is all in all,” says Harendra. “He is the head of the selection committee, chairman of the technical committee, chairman of the disciplinary committee and also in charge of the selection of the coach. If Pargat has to do everything then why is Hockey India running. They should shut their shops and the government of India who is supporting Hockey India should only support Pargat Singh.”

Meanwhile, Pargat while reacting to the match fixing allegations of Harendra Singh said, “See, it’s a democratic country. Everyone has got freedom to speak and according to me my track record says it all. I don’t think I should give any reaction on such kind of a comment. I think he has lost his mental balance and for that what can I do.” The Chairman of the Technical Committee also said he didn’t know why Harendra was removed as Indian coach. “For me hockey and the nation comes first,” said Pargat. “Each and everything comes after that.”

(nnis sports)


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Re: Harendra accuses Pargat of match-fixing

Match fixing...point a finger at Jothikumaran. He ensured the 0-0 draw. Harendra is taking out his anger. He should go and help Nobbs not look at history...his friend Dhanraj Pillay made headlines for indiscipline.

By Manjit Dhaliwal on   Friday, August 19, 2011

Re: Harendra accuses Pargat of match-fixing

No point raking all this up now. Harendra disappointed as coach. End of story. Let Nobbs take India ahead. It makes news to print all this (man bites dog makes news and not dog bites man -- old journalism school saying). I have seen Pargat play. He was absolutely fantastic, easily among the best in the world. Many things happen in the heat of the moment. We have all had these moments in our lives. Even the holiest!! Let us remain united and move on. Or we will have to call Anna Hazare to unite Indian hockey! I still say -- give Indian hockey to the BCCI. Make some tax benefits, bring hockey under section 80 G etc, let money and intelligence pour in. Let us not fight like children all the time.Back to the old question --- WHAT ARE THE TELECAST TIMINGS AND WHO IS TELECASTING THE MATCHES??? Move on........Jai Hind

By Rajendar Menen on   Friday, August 19, 2011

Re: Harendra accuses Pargat of match-fixing

Hi Rajendar, No news about the telecast. I am still trying to find out if there has been a last minute deal with the Chinese Hockey Association. Will post it if there is a sports channel showing it.

By Sundeep Misra on   Friday, August 19, 2011

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